You May Need High Net-Worth Insurance

You May Need High Net-Worth Insurance

If you’ve worked hard, building up wealth and amassing a significant amount of assets, then you may need high net-worth insurance. A high net-worth individual is generally defined as someone with more than one million dollars in assets. If you have substantial assets, you should make sure you’re getting the right coverage. Most independent insurance agents of Connecticut offer high net-worth policies, so they can help you get more information.

Basic High Net-Worth Policies

If you are a high net-worth individual, then you need special coverage for your basic insurance needs. This coverage exceeds typical insurance, and is available for home, life, and auto policies.

Special High Net-Worth Policies

Affluent individuals often require coverage for valuable personal property. You can obtain insurance for art collections, jewelry, luxury vehicles, yachts, and most other high-end items you’ve accrued. You can also get special liability policies to protect your assets in the event of lawsuits and other judgments.

The High Limit Umbrella Policy

Umbrella policies pick up where standard coverage leaves off, and high limit umbrella coverage is available to protect your assets from catastrophic lawsuits or judgments against you. You can get umbrella coverage on your home and auto for amounts up to $100 million dollars.

If you’re a high not-worth individual, it’s important to protect your valuable assets. Independent insurance agents of Connecticut can help show you how.

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