Yacht Builders Need Quality Insurance Too

Yacht Builders Need Quality Insurance Too

When you are looking for a yacht insurance broker, you’ll want to make sure you have all your risks in order first. That means, you’ll need to know what you need, what you want and what is available.

Do You Know What You Need and Want?

The first step to dinging the right yacht builders insurance brokers is figuring out your individual needs. You’re ultimately the one building everyday, so you know the most about your daily risks. Of course, you’ll want to certainly get general liability and workers compensation if you have employees. However, the other risks of your business might not be as apparent. When you get stumped, it’s time to call your broker.

Common Insurance Products to Look For

Beyond general liability and workers compensation, what products do yacht builders insurance brokers typically offer?

  • Builders property (covers piers and docks as well)
  • Inventory
  • Crime and vandalism
  • Wind damage
  • Mobile equipment and tools
  • Hail damage
  • Umbrella
  • Pollution
  • Flood insurance
  • Ship repairs

Truthfully, finding the right company for you will require a little research and you may want to even interview a few brokers. The best match for you will listen to your needs, find products you’re looking for and help you pinpoint and risks your may have missed.

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