How Workers’ Compensation Helps Your Office Products Business

How Workers’ Compensation Helps Your Office Products Business

Suppliers need workers’ compensation insurance just as much as any other business. Insurance protects your business and your employees from financial losses due to injuries on the job. Here are a few ways an insurance company provides coverage for office products suppliers.

Coverage at Your Facility

If your employees use forklifts to move inventory, heavy machinery to manufacture goods or manually lift boxes, there is potential for serious physical injury or death. Insurance covers any accident or injury that takes place at your company’s facility and compensates employees for lost wages, medical bills and other repercussions from the accident.

Coverage on the Road

If your employees get into an accident while delivering office products to your customers, you are typically liable for vehicle and inventory damage. You may also be liable for your employee’s injuries. If your employee damaged another vehicle or caused personal injury to other drivers, bikers or pedestrians, you may be held financially responsible.

Coverage at the Delivery Site

If your employee damages your customer’s property or inventory or gets hurt while unloading inventory, you may be liable for the repercussions. You may also be liable for associated customer or other third-party injuries.

Do not wait for accidents to happen. Talk to your provider about workers’ compensation insurance specifically for office products suppliers so that you can fully protect your business and your employees.

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