Worker’s Compensation for Commercial Businesses

Worker’s Compensation for Commercial Businesses

In the state of Delaware, employers with more than one employee are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This policy is to protect employees financially, in the event of an accident while on the job. For companies in the market for a Delaware Workmans Comp policy, consider working with an agency that has access to multiple carriers in order to find the best option.

With continual changes being made to regulation and market trends, your policy broker should offer services backed by experience and extensive knowledge. In-house underwriting helps keeps rates affordable but also provides personal service when a question arises or a claim is processed.

Workman’s comp insurance should provide your company with the following protections:

  • Employee work injury and illness expenses
  • Employee injury lawsuits
  • State law compliance

The cost for a Delaware Workmans Comp policy will vary by business, as certain industries have a great risk and are more dangerous to work in. Manufacturing, construction and healthcare agencies will have higher exposure and premium costs than a retail company. Pricing is determined by the industry, the size of the business, location of the business and number of employees.
Worker’s comp policies provide standard coverage for incidents involving an employee while at work, and these often cover the basic financial concerns for the employees concerning medical bills and lost wages. Limit your exposures by a strong risk management plan and sound insurance investment.

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