Worker Protection in Insurance for Nursing Homes

Worker Protection in Insurance for Nursing Homes

Caregivers in nursing homes face daily risks inherent to their jobs. Physical handling of patients, administration of medications and assisting residents with everyday tasks provide exposure for negligence and improper procedures. Without sufficient insurance for nursing homes, the institution risks major financial loss. Even if claims are unsubstantiated, attorney’s fees can be formidable.


Coverage for Professionals


Professional liability insurance protects the nursing home against the acts or negligence of its workers. Nurses, aides and therapists on staff are vulnerable to claims of failure in several areas, including:


  • Communication and documentation
  • Following care standards
  • Monitoring and assessment
  • Proper delegation of tasks


All personnel are at risk for allegations of violating residents’ rights.


Transportation Employees


In addition to liability coverage for accidents, the company policy should address assisting patients in and out of vehicles, operating machinery to load wheelchairs in handicapped vans, and securing residents with proper restraints and protective gear.


Barber and Beautician Coverage


Employees who cut hair or shave patients are responsible for proper handling and transport of residents. They are also working with sharp objects near clients with varying levels of physical control and mental awareness.


Risk Management


As a supplement to proper coverage, employers should take positive steps towards reduction of risk, both in education of staff and correction of perceived dangers. Protection against worker claims in insurance for nursing homes is an essential part of continuing to provide quality care for the elderly.



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