Winter Is Coming to Your Construction Projects

Winter Is Coming to Your Construction Projects

While safety should be a priority in any industry, contractors like you understand the risks of not having a proactive and comprehensive approach. Accidents do happen, but safety management, OSHA training and personal protective equipment are some of the ways to avoid incidents ahead of time. Experienced construction professionals are aware of field hazards such as confined spaces, scaffolding, ladders and dangerous tools, but how about that weather? Have you carefully considered winter safety for construction sites?

Preparing for the Cold

It’s important for you to maintain safe projects and work conditions the whole year; however, colder months require the following precautions:

  • Walking or working on icy or snowy surfaces
  • Fall protection when removing snow from elevated areas
  • Site impacts due to weather events such as downed power lines, burst pipes, etc
  • Winter storms
  • Heated break areas for field personnel

As a construction leader, your safety plan should account for the weather in advance. 

Looking at the Big Picture

Safety management should be a part of each and every construction effort. A culture of safe practices is beneficial to everyone, including your clients. Insurance products also help you manage and mitigate risks, including injuries to everyone that may enter an active work zone. Make sure you have a complete plan that accounts for all your operational hazards.

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