Why Your Landscaping Company Needs Sufficient Insurance

Why Your Landscaping Company Needs Sufficient Insurance

Landscaping is sometimes thought of as a casual profession, but that is rarely the case. In fact, quality landscaping is highly technical, requiring trained technicians and a thorough knowledge of local ecology and environmental conditions. Still, even under the best of circumstances, landscapers can run into all sorts of problems. For a wide number of reasons, carrying requisite insurance for landscaping company is necessary to protect your business, workers, and clients.

What Types of Insurance Does a Landscaping Business Need?

The specifics of any insurance policy will likely depend on particulars relevant to your business. However, most landscaping companies will consider some or all of the following policies:

  • General liability offers broad, comprehensive protection against claims of liability from third-parties
  • Commercial auto coverage, as well as equipment coverage, are essential for companies relying heavily on machinery for work purposes
  • Workers compensation insurance is critical, particularly in an industry where falls and landscaping injuries are not uncommon
  • Professional liability insurance is often useful in the event of a lawsuit from a landscaping client

In short, comprehensive coverage is truly vital within the landscaping industry. An experienced insurer can help design a policy for you that effectively protects your business, workers, and clients, and ensures you are well-prepared if any incident does occur.

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