Why You Need Wrap-Up Insurance for Your Construction Project

Why You Need Wrap-Up Insurance for Your Construction Project

You already know that construction projects these days are fraught with risk. There may be delays, accidents, strikes, work that doesn’t meet quality standards, budget overruns, and any number of other, potentially serious problems; any of these can lead to a liability claim. What’s the best way to protect your project? The solution is to acquire construction projects wrap-up insurance, a comprehensive approach that provides coverage for all of your contractors at an affordable cost.


Having wrap-up insurance means that you don’t have to worry about how much protection each of your contractors and subcontractors has, nor what their insurance covers. You get complete coverage for everyone that includes workers’ compensation and general liability. In addition, wrap-up insurance often includes:

  • Excess liability: an umbrella feature that provides higher coverage that goes beyond the regular policy
  • Professional liability: to cover the risks incurred by the design professionals on the job, including architects and engineers
  • Builder’s risk: to cover the property being constructed and associated materials


Construction projects wrap-up insurance has significant benefits, including lower overall insurance costs, better and more consistent claims handling and higher coverage limits. Whether through an owner-controlled insurance program (OCIP), where a project owner buys insurance on behalf of the general contractor or a contractor-controlled insurance program (CCIP), where the general contractor acquires the insurance directly, this approach can relieve a major source of stress on any project.

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