Why Small Business Owners Need Protection

Why Small Business Owners Need Protection

Owning your own business is an exciting venture, but along with the rewards of being your own business are the risks and liabilities. As you navigate the somewhat confusing waters of insurance coverage, you will need an experienced guide. The team at Ascendant Insurance can help.

Liabilities with Small Business Ownership

While you may think your customer base is easy to work with and generally forgiving, having a general liability insurance policy is a wise investment. Coverage isn’t as expensive as you think, but having it can protect from serious financial disaster.

General liability coverage helps a business cover the costs associated with any claims of property damage or bodily injury that have been made against the business. While there are a wide range of possibilities with situations, common problems include:

  • Slips and falls on business property
  • Injuries associated with malfunctioning products or equipment
  • Equipment malfunctions that damage property
  • Customers experience injury due to property or building incident

Keeping your business successful means protecting it from both small and large threats of financial chaos that can come from a customer lawsuit. The agents with Ascendant Insurance are well-versed in small business operations and the exposures that accompany the various industries. Their advice and underwriting will present you with a policy that comprehensively addresses your liability needs.

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