Why Mechanics Needs To Think About Asbestos

Why Mechanics Needs To Think About Asbestos

Auto mechanics face a number of threats on any given day. While garages and body shops take extra precautions to make sure that risks are minimal for workers, you never know when something may go awry. Often, it is an issue that a mechanic does not consider in advance that causes the most strife. Exposure to harmful toxins like asbestos, for example, is a problem very few technicians think about. Unfortunately, failing to include an insurance policy that protects you from such exposures can lead to some serious consequences.

The Dangers of Asbestos

Professionals in the auto industry warn that finding asbestos in clutches is more common than most mechanics realize. When you’re working on an old brake system, it is highly likely that you are breathing in dust that contains asbestos particles. Scientists and doctors warn that exposing your lungs to asbestos can cause an aggressive cancer known as mesothelioma. While a mask and proper PPE will reduce the risks, insurance helps to cover you in the event that a mistake is made. This type of protection also covers:

  • Protecting you and employees from immediate and latent exposures
  • Covers decades where condition may be developing
  • Provides coverage for medical fees

Protect Yourself From Danger

While you never know what dangers lurk under the hood of an old car, you can keep yourself safe by thinking through your insurance options. Explore the details of the policies available to you and discover protection that gives you peace of mind.

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