Why Homeowners Should Always Consider New Jersey Flood Insurance

Why Homeowners Should Always Consider New Jersey Flood Insurance

To protect your home, family and finances from the types of natural disasters you are most likely to face, you should consider New Jersey flood insurance a necessity. While some homeowners in the state think they can slide by without having this type of insurance, the real possibility of flooding, and the expense of any damage it may cause, should not be ignored.

New Jersey Is a Flood-Prone State

There have been quite a few severe flooding incidents in New Jersey’s history. Some of the most well known ones include flooding from Tropical Storm Irene back in 2011 and Superstorm Sandy the very next year. Other years in which a major flood occurred include 1903, 1955 and 1999. This weather track record indicates that floods are occurring more frequently in the state. Long gone are the days when homeowners could logically expect to be all right without flood insurance.

Are You Ready for the Next Flood?

New Jersey happens to be the nation’s second-wealthiest state when ranked according to median household income. Not only does this mean that residents here are more likely to be in good financial health, it also means that the value of any property lost or damaged by a flood in this region is likely to be higher than in other states.

How much do you stand to lose when the next major flood hits? Remember that it does not take much water for a flood to cause significant damage to a home. It is simply not worth the risk to be without New Jersey flood insurance.

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