What You Need To Know About MEL Insurance

What You Need To Know About MEL Insurance

Maritime employee’s liability coverage is an insurance policy that offers protection for employees serving aboard vessels owned by someone other than the employer. MEL insurance is not legally required, but if you have workers who perform duties on someone else’s vessel, it can save you from potential financial catastrophe should a worker sustain an injury, die or become ill.

Who Is Protected?

There are two classes of workers covered under MEL insurance. When your employees work on a boat that does not belong to your company, they are protected while onboard the vessel. Worker’s compensation laws do not apply to seamen. Thus, you and your employees are not protected when illnesses and injuries are sustained in the workplace.

The other type of employee who is covered under a maritime employee liability policy are workers who are on one of your own vessels temporarily. This may include, for example, those who are performing construction on a company boat or conducting scientific surveys and experiments.

What Is Covered?

MEL insurance provides coverage for injury, illness and death while performing a number of marine-based operations. The types of activities covered include:

  • Construction work
  • Seismic activity surveys
  • Scientific research surveys and work
  • Drilling work
  • Artisans performing work while vessels are in route

If you have employees who perform their duties on someone else’s boat or you hire outside workers to temporarily work aboard your own vessel, the right type of insurance is crucial. Maritime employee’s liability insurance offers vital coverage to protect you and your workers.

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