What Type of Insurance Does a DJ Need?

What Type of Insurance Does a DJ Need?

If you are a DJ, you have probably purchased a great deal of expensive equipment. When you perform live at different venues, you face the risk of your valuables getting damaged. Most venues also require proof of insurance before you are allowed to perform.

What Kind of Insurance Should DJs Have?

Insurance for DJs is critical to protect your investment from claims and costly damages. You should consider three main types of coverage to ensure you are covered under any circumstance.

  • Equipment Cover – If your DJ equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, this plan will reimburse you for your losses.
  • Performance Cover – If you are injured on the job and can’t work, a loss of earnings clause protects you while you recover. Additionally, if your equipment breaks down, this plan will cover the cost of renting replacement equipment while yours is getting fixed.
  • Public Liability Insurance – This plan protects your investment if you inadvertently injure another person at a venue or damage their property. For example, if someone trips over a cord or wire during a live performance and they are injured, this coverage helps pay for unwanted lawsuits.

Make sure you protect your DJ equipment and your business from claims and damages with a comprehensive DJ insurance plan.

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