What Is a Yacht Club?

What Is a Yacht Club?

Yacht clubs are private member clubs that are organized with the purpose of promoting and supporting the sport of boating. Like marinas, clubs are usually located on bodies of water and provide moorings and supplies for boats and yachts. However, yacht clubs also furnish other amenities and organize social events for members.

What Facilities and Events Do Yacht Clubs Offer?

Beyond moorings and supplies, yacht clubs typically have a bar or restaurant in the clubhouse. Some also have gyms, showers, laundry facilities, pools and meeting rooms accessible only to members. Moreover, according to https://www.marinersins.com/, clubs typically organize a number of activities that are open both to members and the public. These include sailing and boating lessons, cruises and regattas.

What Types of Insurance Do Yacht Clubs Need?

Due to the range of amenities and services offered, yacht clubs often need a wide variety of plans. These include:

  • Property coverage for docks, facilities and grounds
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Directors and officers
  • Regatta liability
  • Yacht club fleet hull and liability
  • Charter liability
  • Oil spill and pollution

Each club is unique and, therefore, has distinct insurance needs. If you operate a yacht club, it is wise to consult an insurance expert to make sure that your members, staff, volunteers and property are properly safeguarded.

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