What Are the Best Social Media Platforms for Insurance Companies?

What Are the Best Social Media Platforms for Insurance Companies?

Regardless of what industry you work in, social media is taking over the internet. When it comes to insurance agencies, the same is true. From policy updates to vehicle advice and other relevant information, customers now want to get these types of resources from easy-to-access social media platforms.

With that said, however, how do you choose the best social media platforms for insurance companies? Undoubtedly, this is a great question. The truth is, the answer lies in what your agency’s unique services are and what your customers want. Nonetheless, here are some top choices.


To deliver quick and efficient information to your audience, Twitter can be a solid social media choice. According to Gartner, both Statefarm and Aflac engage on this platform. According to the data, customers appreciate having this convenient way to connect.


Another top choice among insurance companies, Facebook offers a different kind of platform and usability for connecting with customers. Honestly, it is probably a good idea to have both Facebook and Twitter accounts. Geico and Aflac would agree.


While not as popular as the other two social media giants, YouTube nonetheless holds a powerful space in the online world. As such, insurance companies can benefit by recognizing the platform’s value. This is exactly what Nationwide has been doing.

To start engaging with your audience on social media, begin by setting up two accounts to focus on. See which one has more success, and then really spend time building it out.

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