Virginia Workers Compensation Basics

Virginia Workers Compensation Basics

Are you new to the role of business owner and wondering what the particular stipulations are for workers compensation in Virginia? Here are some of the basics that will help you to comply with workers compensation law.


If you employ more than two full or part-time employees, Virginia law mandates that you as an employer have workers compensation coverage for your employees in case of work-related injury or illness. If you have the type of business that employees subcontractors, then you need to count your subcontractor and any employees of the subcontractor when determining your total number of employees needing coverage.


Insurance policies are not available from the Virginia Commission of Workers Compensation. You will need to get insurance quotes through a private agent or commercial carrier and choose which policy best meets your company’s needs.


The cost determinants of workers compensation in Virginia have several factors. The first determinant of cost is the type of work that is performed at your business. For example, an accounting firm will have less bodily risk involved in their work compared to a roofing installation company. The amount of the company’s payroll will impact coverage price, as well as any past loss history.

In order to determine the available coverage and cost of workers compensation in Virginia, consult with insurance providers that specialize in workers compensation insurance.

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