Use Your Job Description to Find the Best Volunteer Coordinator

Use Your Job Description to Find the Best Volunteer Coordinator

Nonprofit organizations run into many obstacles when it comes to finding talent. Within the organization, a lot of responsibility falls to the volunteer coordinator. It’s imperative to find a coordinator that can handle the responsibility.

Finding the right candidate starts with the right job description.

Describe the Job Responsibilities

In addition to a good summary of the job, you need to be clear about the responsibilities. Often, coordinators have many roles and functions within the organization. You should list primary and secondary duties. Think about which duties are most critical to the job and make sure those are heavily emphasized in the description.  Also, make sure that the candidate is well aware of what your organization does and how his or her role contributes to it.

Explain the Necessary Skills and Responsibilities

Be specific about the skills that you require your volunteer coordinators to have. Some of the skills you might want to list include:

  • Computer proficiency
  • Software skills
  • Project management

If you want your volunteer coordinator to be certified in volunteer administration, then you need to add that to the description too.

When you look through the pool of volunteer coordinators, you want to think that everyone who applied for the job knows the responsibilities. The best way to be upfront about what you’re asking of your coordinators is to write a good job description.

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