Uniform Rental Insurance Protects Significant Business Assets

Uniform Rental Insurance Protects Significant Business Assets

Although many business owners might not even think initially of having uniform rental insurance, the truth is that there are many losses commonly suffered by uniform rental companies that make this type of coverage necessary. Here are the top three types of losses that business owners of uniform rental companies should have.

Flood Damage

The most frequent claim made to insurance companies by uniform rental companies is loss of clothing. However, the most common reason for the loss is water damage. For this reason, uniform rental companies will want to make sure they have coverage that protects them and their business in the event that a flood or a leak occurs.

Car Accidents

Business owners should not have to be responsible if their business space is damaged by a vehicle backing into their property or a car being damaged by an employee out on deliveries. Often included as part of a business owner’s policy or BOP, Commercial auto insurance is an essential coverage option when buying uniform rental insurance.

Burglary of Theft

It is sometimes true that even with a state of the art alarm system, burglaries and break-ins can happen. Sometimes the police are not able to get there in time, and there may be technical difficulties with the security system equipment. If a business owner’s property is broken into, a uniform rental insurance policy should provide coverage for the losses that occurred.

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