Unexpected Gaps in Commercial Insurance

Unexpected Gaps in Commercial Insurance

It’s not difficult for businesses to become exposed to risk, especially if the business operates within an industry that undergoes constant change. Change in trends and regulations can result in coverage gaps that many companies don’t become aware of until it’s too late. If you are considering Orlando commercial insurance, you may want to see if you need coverage for some unexpected gaps in these areas.

Many companies are exposed when it comes to the environment. This can happen in industries like construction, where activities on the property may damage the local environment and require cleanup costs. Certain materials, like pollutants, may pose a potential threat during transportation, and these incidents may not be covered.

With the birth of the internet and the ability to transfer a multitude of pictures and art across the world within seconds, it can be easy to accidentally infringe upon someone’s copyrighted design, and the court fees associated with copyright claims might not be covered by your current policy. Data breach coverage can include some specific limits, and may require different insurance products for different data, like private health information.

These are just some coverage gaps that might slide under the radar, but there could be countless more. By consulting a distinguished insurance agency in Orlando, commercial insurance for your business can have the individual policy coverage you need.

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