Uncommon Business Coverage

Uncommon Business Coverage

While business insurance can cover common incidents, there are also less common ones it can cover, too. Business insurance in Wantage, New Jersey, covers some cases you may not have heard of, like fidelity insurance and interruption insurance. Here’s a look at these lesser known possibilities.

Unauthorized Employee Activity

Fidelity insurance serves to protect a business from dishonest acts by an employee. This could be anything from steeling money to inappropriate behavior with a customer. As a business owner, you always hope you’ve hired trustworthy people, but this isn’t always the case. If an employee damages your business by being dishonest, fidelity insurance may help. Other employee actions fidelity insurance can cover include:

  • Sharing sensitive information with competitors
  • Stealing office supplies
  • Using office equipment for personal use

Temporarily Suspending Business Activities

An interruption in business practices can happen for a variety of reasons, but it doesn’t have to mean huge loses. Business interruption insurance can help cover losses and damages if your business is forced to suspend action.

Business insurance in Wantage, New Jersey, is used for these and other issues. Protecting your business is an important step to ensuring it stays around for a long while. It also protects the time and money you and other people have invested.

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