Types of Insurance for Construction Companies

Types of Insurance for Construction Companies

Running a construction company requires an incredible amount of foresight. You must be able to foresee various parts of your business and how they could, potentially, go wrong. That is where Clifton construction insurance comes in. This type of insurance takes care of some of the foresight for you. Here are a few types of construction insurance available to you.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability insurance is great for many businesses. It helps cover the basic ins and outs of various types of companies. Injuries to non-employees, damage to the property of others and other types of harm or harm to others is covered by this type of policy. This kind of insurance is an absolute necessity for nearly all companies, especially construction. Without this type of insurance you could be held liable for many accidents and have to pay those expenses out of your own pocket.

Builders Risk

Builders risk insurance is a type of policy that is tailored specifically for companies who work in construction and construction related enterprises. This policy covers your project during production. It covers the building itself, as well as any equipment stored on-site for future installation in said building. It can cover these items in the event of vandalism, fire, theft, flooding or wind, depending on your needs and wants.

Make sure that your company is covered in the event of accidents, damage, theft or lawsuit. Clifton construction insurance can help make your job as safe as possible.

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