Two Things to Know About Auto Versus Motorcycle Insurance

Two Things to Know About Auto Versus Motorcycle Insurance

If you are thinking about buying motorcycle insurance in Orlando for your new bike, there are some important considerations you need to make. For example, your motorcycle insurance is going to be a lot different from your auto insurance. Here are just two things to keep in mind when shopping insurance rates.

Your Motorcycle May Not Be Covered

Your auto insurance will always cover your vehicle. This is called comprehensive insurance. However, some insurance companies may deny your claim if your motorcycle was damaged. If you have custom modifications to your motorcycle, some insurance companies will actually not pay out for these. When you are shopping for motorcycle insurance in Orlando, make sure to ask about this.

Auto and Motorcycle Insurance Are Both Required by Law

This may seem like a no-brainer, but auto insurance and motorcycle insurance in Orlando are both required by law. Many people mistakenly believe that having auto insurance will cover their motorcycle, or that they can just put their motorcycle under their auto insurance coverage. Motorcycle insurance is designed to cover two-wheeled vehicles and auto insurance covers four-wheeled automobiles. Make sure that you know about the two separate policies if you also own a vehicle.


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