Top Three Advantages of Business Interruption Insurance for Community Action Agencies

Top Three Advantages of Business Interruption Insurance for Community Action Agencies

Property insurance can help your service agency rebuild following severe damage to structures. However, it may be necessary to vacate the premises during reconstruction. This could be costly in lost revenue and support. In addition, people in need may go wanting. To bridge the gap, business interruption coverage can be added to property insurance for community action agencies. Three possible avenues of assistance could make all the difference.


Payroll Funding


Business interruption insurance provides support in financing payroll. Employees are not forced to find other jobs. They will be able to remain with the organization, ready to work when needed. This saves effort and expense in hiring and training new personnel.


Assistance With Bills


Keeping current on financial obligations will help your agency avoid late fees and remain in good financial standing. When you return to your original facilities, you will not be saddled with accounts that are in arrears. You can continue operations with no excess baggage.


Alternate Location


Extra funds can be provided to set up your activities at an alternate location. Your employees return to work sooner, you retain the services of valued volunteers, and you continue to provide important assistance to the community.


Keep the Energy Flowing


With business interruption insurance for community action agencies you can keep the energy flowing for your cause by


  • maintaining community interest
  • preserving high standards through retention of trained staff
  • remaining visible to charitable donors


Protection against forced shut-down can enable your agency to stay strong and grow in its efforts to help others.


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