Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim

Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim

When you get into an accident or an unfortunate event occurs at your business’ location, your next step should be to contact your Connecticut insurance company. However, to make sure that the claims process is successful, it’s important that you do several things in the aftermath of the accident.

Getting Started

Once you get in touch with your Connecticut insurance company, make sure that they help you understand what is and isn’t covered under your policy. This can help you avoid surprises later on. Then, ask what information you will need to provide in order for your claim to be processed. Make sure that you provide this information promptly.

During the claims process, you should also be ready to give your insurance company photos, receipts, or any other documentation proving your loss. Doing this will ensure the validity of your claim.

What Happens After You File

After the claims process has been initiated, make sure that you keep track of any other expenses you incur. For example, if you were in a car accident and you need to attend several physical therapy sessions, keep receipts from every appointment and provide them to your insurance company.

Remember, you may or may not automatically receive payment for your loss. Often, depending on the circumstances, it will take several days for your insurance to kick in and for the recovery process to begin.

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