The Importance of Social Media for Insurance Marketing

The Importance of Social Media for Insurance Marketing

You have been steadily building clients for your insurance agency over the last few years through traditional forms of agent insurance marketing, but maybe you feel that you need something more. Whether you’ve sent out mail campaigns or hired professionals to build a website suited to your business, consider adding something a little different to your marketing plan: social media.

Not Just for Teens

There are more than 2 billion active social media accounts, many of which could be run by your future clients. The span of social media continues to grow, reaching adults of all ages with a wide variety of interests. Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook agent insurance marketing campaigns give you an opportunity to invite readers to your website with fun, informative, or personalized posts on a regular basis. Content that is shareable is even more effective at spreading your name through the internet.

Hire the Pros

While social media is easily accessible, it is not always simple to come up with fresh or exciting ideas on a daily or weekly basis, especially if you have more business rolling in. Consider hiring a professional content creator to take care of the campaign for you. Be sure to find someone who will do all necessary and thorough research before making relevant and shareable posts, and ask your current website builder if they provide this service as part of their services. Don’t let this wave pass you by. Social media provides great potential for agent insurance marketing.

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