Temporary Staffing Agencies Need Specialized Insurance

Temporary Staffing Agencies Need Specialized Insurance

As a temporary staffing agency, you supply workers for your clients’ businesses when they need extra help for a limited time. The people you place in these temporary positions are your employees. You have different liability than other businesses because you have obligations to both your clients and your workers. Staffing liability insurance is essential to mitigate costs associated with legal claims.

Temporary Employment Agencies Face Unique Liability Concerns

Once you place the employees, your client supervises them at their workplace. These workers perform many different jobs in various locations, but you retain the responsibility for their actions. Your company also still has liability regarding discrimination, injuries or illnesses in the workplace.

Policies That Protect Your Company’s Interests

Business insurance coverage protects operations from losses due to crime, property damage, bodily injury and other incidents at the place of business. However, since your employees work on-site at different locations, you need specialized coverage to safeguard your financial interests and employees adequately. You must protect your agency from losses due to theft, harm or damages that your employees cause to your clients.

Staffing Liability Insurance Avoids Coverage Gaps

Discuss the needs of your company with an experienced agent to prevent costly gaps in your protection. You need to correctly classify your business to get the appropriate policies that include your organization’s unique circumstances.

When you run a temporary staffing agency, you have different liability risks than other businesses. Ensure you have the proper insurance to cover your potential losses.

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