Take Advantage of the Delaware Series

Take Advantage of the Delaware Series

Delaware Series For those interesting in taking advantage of new investing opportunities and business ventures, the protection of a Delaware Series LLC is a great way to easily benefit from captive insurance at lower costs with easier entry or exit.  This translates into greater efficiency and fewer problems than those found with other traditional insurance companies.

What is the Delaware Series LLC?

The Delaware Series LLC (limited liability company) is the term used to describe a certain form of limited liability company that can protect across multiple “series” – internal funds, portfolios, cells, or divisions, each with separate assets, business objectives or liabilities.  The key element of the series LLC is that the assets of one series business unit (SBU) are protected from any obligations, debts, or problems of the other SBUs in the series.

How Can It Benefit Me?

Each SBU under the Series limited liability captive is entitled to limited liability and operational independence.  Thus, any assets that are acquired are not subject to the debts of other SBUs under the umbrella of the LLC.  This alternative risk solution as an SBU means that your business is not subject to premium taxes, and that your captive solution can be customized to fit the needs of your business exactly.

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