Sleep Help

Sleep Help

It’s a reality of life: Some nights are sleepless. It might be thanks to stresses about work or school, someone in your family might be ill or perhaps you’re dealing with another stressful situation. If stress is keeping you awake, try one of these methods to calm your anxious brain and get some sleep.


Among its other health benefits, cannabis is also a great natural sleep aid. There are a number of ways it can be consumed, between being steeped in tea to eating a cookie infused with cannabutter. One great strain that can help with your stress and help you sleep is a sativa-dominant strain called ACDC.


Yoga is a workout in itself, but if stretching is not your thing, any other workout is good for tiring you out. Give your body a good hard push and get your heart and blood pumping. You will be ready to sleep before you know it.


Put your phone down and pick up a book. Your eyes will tire out as you read the lines, plus your mind will be occupied against stress as you engage yourself in a story. It always seems like the nights you can’t sleep are the most inconvenient ones, but try a natural way to catch some Zs.

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