Roofer’s Insurance vs. Contractor’s Insurance

Roofer’s Insurance vs. Contractor’s Insurance

Contractor’s insurance is one of the most common forms of coverage in the construction industry, and it’s used by companies that work in almost every niche. Typically, it covers the various forms of risk and liability coverage you need as an independent operator, but recent innovations have led to more specific coverage for niche companies. So, should you be looking at roofing insurance companies over a more general construction contractor’s policy? The answer is probably yes if all you do is roof repair and replacement.

What Makes Roofing Insurance Special

Like the more well-known contractor’s insurance packages, it brings together all your specialized liability and risk insurance coverage options, but with specific policy language that reflects your risks as a contractor working on rooftops and using tools that help you access the elevations that go with your niche. That means you’ll get a different policy if you only do single-family residences than you would if you did large commercial structures like high rise condos and office buildings. Coverage areas include:

  • Builder’s risk insurance
  • Employment practices coverage
  • Workers compensation
  • Commercial auto coverage
  • Commercial property coverage
  • General liability
  • Professional liability

For most companies, this coverage package is enough to meet every regular insurance need. Paired with the right construction bonds, it provides robust protection geared to the specific risks faced by your business, with deductible and policy maximum options that help you control costs. That’s why more roofers are choosing roofing insurance companies for coverage.

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