Risk Management for Every Step of Your Manufacturing Process

Risk Management for Every Step of Your Manufacturing Process

Looking at options for cargo insurance online results in different policies for the multiple risks your products face at each step in the supply chain. If your manufacturing company uses carriers to ship cargo from the raw material stage through the distribution of finished goods, simplifying your insurance coverage can make risk management less complex. Instead of managing different insurance plans, streamline your policies into one insurance program that includes stock throughput coverage.

Streamlined Insurance Programs

Your products are at risk during each step in the supply chain, moving through a series of carriers from suppliers to processing centers and from warehouses to distribution centers. If each handler and storage facility is covered under a different policy, risk management becomes complicated. Separation of plans also carries the risk of gaps in coverage.

You can eliminate the complexity of carrying multiple insurance plans by working with a logistics provider to streamline one customized insurance program that covers all your needs.

Stock Throughput Coverage

Every step in your company’s production can be insured with a program that includes stock throughput coverage. Policies that cover stock throughput apply to your goods anywhere in the supply chain. Streamlining your insurance program to include stock throughput removes any issues with gaps in coverage from one point in your process to another and creates seamless claims settlement.

When you research cargo insurance online, consider an insurance program that includes a stock throughput policy for your manufacturing process. A streamlined program customized for your business simplifies risk management planning and keeps your products covered in every part of your supply chain.

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