What Does Renters Insurance Include?

What Does Renters Insurance Include?

Renters occupy over half of all homes, condos, and apartments in Los Angeles. In fact, the area has the fourth-highest rate of renters in any metro area in the country. That’s why Los Angeles insurance companies offer a wide variety of renters insurance policies.

If you are one of the many renters in Los Angeles, you need renters insurance. Although your landlord’s insurance may cover losses to the structure of your home, it may not cover your belongings. If fire, theft, earthquake, or another disaster causes the loss of your things, you need renters insurance to replace them.

The benefits of renters insurance don’t stop there. A comprehensive policy can also include personal liability coverage. This can protect your assets from a lawsuit if someone gets injured while on your property.

Personal liability insurance can cover lawsuits stemming from falls, dog bites, and a variety of other injuries. If someone is hurt on your property and decides to sue, your insurance can cover the legal fees and award. Without it, you may be responsible for paying hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Best of all, renters insurance is one of the easiest policies to obtain. Some plans start at only one dollar per day. With this much coverage and such a small cost, every LA renter should contact Los Angeles insurance companies for a policy today.

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