The Reality of Dog Bite Liability

The Reality of Dog Bite Liability

Dog bite liability is serious business. For the 4.7 million people bit by a dog in the United States every year, the medical bills and other damages must be paid. Although insurance companies pay out hundreds of millions of dollars every year on dog bite claims, many people may not realize that they have no coverage for dog bite liability until it is too late. Many typical homeowners and renters insurance policies exclude dog bite coverage.


Decrease Your Risks


Most people believe that their pleasant family dog could never bite. The truth is, though, that any dog has the potential to lash out if provoked or threatened enough. There are a handful of ways to decrease your risk of becoming the owner of a biter, though, including:


  • Training – Take your dog through a behavior training course and enjoy many benefits, including better communication and understanding of your canine friend
  • Restraint – Always keep your dog securely leashed in public, other than in very specific off-leash areas. Both your dog and the public will appreciate the protection
  • Insurance – Check into dog bite liability coverage for peace of mind, in the event that the unthinkable were to happen.


The bond between you and your dog is unbreakable. There may be times where your dog mistakenly believes a perceived threat requires a direct response. With thorough training and adequate restraining devices, though, you can help to avoid another dog bite statistic.


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