What Is Your Real Cyber Risk?

What Is Your Real Cyber Risk?

Technology is everywhere. It sometimes seems like it is impossible to go anywhere without running into some form of modern technology. With so many devices connected to networks and servers, cyber-crimes have also been on the rise. This should be a concern for anyone who does business over the Internet. How do you know what your cyber risk really is?


Analyzing Security


You may have clients who come to you asking about how necessary a cyber policy is. The first thing to do is to analyze the security of your clients’ online businesses. What sort of virus and hacker protection is in place? Is there password protection? Where is private information stored? What would happen if customer information was hacked? What would your clients do if a lawsuit occurred because of a security breach?


Considering Your Clients


Although cyber liability policies are not technically required, the fact remains that cyber-crimes are all too real and rampant. The last few years have shown that even some of the biggest businesses are susceptible to hackers. You want your clients to consider their cyber risk and whether or not they can afford even one lawsuit stemming from a cyber security breach. These days, it’s not a question of if it will happen, but when it will happen. As many as 30,000 web sites are hacked each day. Help your clients protect theirs by creating the right cyber liability policy.

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