Questions to Ask Your Broker

Questions to Ask Your Broker

When you are meeting with an insurance agent, like the ones employed by the Midwest Insurance Group, you should be proactive in addressing your insurance concerns. Here are four questions you should ask your potential broker.

What are my best long-term coverage options? If your family is growing or changing, you will want to look at the best plan for long-term coverage. This might mean life insurance in addition to your homeowner’s policy.

Do I need additional insurance if I make changes to my home? If you are doing remodeling on your home or adding on, you might be increasing your home’s value. This could alter how much coverage you need to be fully insured.

Do I need special coverage for my home-based business? If you work from home, there are several liabilities that could potentially threaten your financial situation. From customer visits or storing inventory, your broker can help you with the right coverage.

What damages can happen from a car accident? You might be surprised at how many vehicle accidents turn into lawsuits. You might want to consider adding umbrella coverage to your policy.

The agents with the Midwest Insurance Group are committed to providing the coverage you need. Your insurance policy should be affordable but comprehensive for all your needs.

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