The Purpose of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The Purpose of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

One of your employees fell off of a ladder at your business’ location and suffered from a broken leg. As a result of his injury, he is now suing your company for failing to enact certain safety policies and is seeking a large settlement in return. As a small start-up company, the cost of this settlement will cause your business financial difficulty.


Fortunately, as a business owner, you can avoid a situation like this with New York workers compensation. This type of insurance provides your employees with certain benefits if they are ever injured on the job and also protects your business from harmful lawsuits.


Does Your Business Need This Insurance?  


Every business needs a New York workers compensation policy because this insurance:


  • Ensures that during an emergency, an injured worker will be able to receive the medical care that they need
  • Allows your employee to receive a portion of their wages while they are recovering from an accident
  • Protects your company from liability


The main benefit of workers’ compensation insurance is that your business is protected and your employees receive benefits regardless of who was at fault for the work-related accident.


Protect Your Company Today


Accidents that could cause your business legal and financial harm can happen unexpectedly. Don’t let your business remain unprotected any longer and consider obtaining a workers’ compensation policy as soon as possible.


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