Providing Big Data Insurance to Your Clients

Providing Big Data Insurance to Your Clients

When you sell insurance, you have to know you are getting the right policies. Being able to provide the best possible coverage is down to a matter of knowing exactly what your clients want. If you cover businesses, you will want to provide them with the opportunity to get big data insurance. This type of insurance covers you clients during two events.

Data Breach

Today’s world is full of cyber attacks and online fraud. If your clients store any client information online or in the cloud, they need this type of insurance. This data insurance covers the cost of many response systems that become necessary in the wake of a breach. Client credit monitoring, crisis management, customer notification and forensic services can all be covered monetarily by big data insurance.


If your client’s information system is attacked and a breach does occur, sometimes that can result in a lawsuit. For instance, if one of your client’s customers feel that your client is to blame for the cyber attack, then he or she has grounds to sue for damages. Should that be the case, data insurance can cover any settlements or judgments levied at your client. This part of the policy will also cover your client’s liability matters, such as electronic media and employee privacy matters.

Provide your clients with the insurance policies they really want. Big data insurance gives your clients piece of mind when dealing with data on the internet.

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