Protect Your Yacht with Insurance

Protect Your Yacht with Insurance

A yacht is a hefty, albeit worthwhile, investment. California yacht insurance is just as important as home insurance and auto insurance, with the process a blend of both. Much like cars, boats begin to depreciate in value upon leaving the lot or marina following the sale, so it is best to take into account the age of the boat when deciding between market value (which factors depreciation into the value) or agreed value (which focuses solely on sticker price) for your policy.

This choice between cash value and replacement cost is similar to home insurance, as is liability coverage, which protects boat owners in the event a passenger sustains an injury on the yacht.

Find Savings in Your Policy

Purchasing California yacht insurance does not have to break the bank. There are ways to reduce your rate:

  • Put safety first and opt for features offered by underwriters that help protect passengers from bodily injury.
  • Enjoy a discount when you extend the duration of your lay-up period – the length of time when you do not use your craft.
  • Even if you have been boating for years, consider taking classes. A number of insurers offer discounts on policies with the completion of one or more classes.

Sail the high seas with peace of mind when you make the decision to acquire California yacht insurance.

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