Power and Flexibility in Rating Solutions

Power and Flexibility in Rating Solutions

Insurance is not one-size-fits-all, and neither are rating engines. Commercial lines, Commercial Umbrella, Professional Liability and Farmowners vary in application region to region. To stay both competitive and productive in the industry requires the ability to respond to your market. This is why the rating engine in insurance needs to be high-performing and responsive.

Choice of Implementation

A flexible rate engine functions in your environment. Whether it is adapted to a desktop, a client server or a third-party venue, it performs just as it should, with the necessary depth of rating required by carriers and MGAs.

Unique Classes and Requirements

A powerful rate engine offers the carrier, administrator or MGA the ability to rate coverage alternatives as well as more standardized coverage, and is able to produce accessible worksheets. As different markets expand and diversify, it is important to be able to customize products that go well beyond the retail agency market.

Option to Grow

Top tier equipment is adaptable to emerging trends and needs. A rating engine in insurance that offers user-enhancement opportunities performs all the more powerfully for being tailored to the specifications of the user. As users, carriers and administrators may want to request new features as they are needed or become available. Top-performing insurance rating engines offer the best in innovation, adaptability and user-ease to help administrators and brokers be more productive with better products.


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