Playing it Safe With Medical Malpractice Insurance

Playing it Safe With Medical Malpractice Insurance

Recent studies have indicated that one out of every 60 individuals will get into a car accident that requires them to purchase a new car. Other studies show that one out of every 117 people will die prematurely. Even though statistics suggest that these events are unlikely to occur, it is still considered important to acquire car insurance and life insurance. You may be surprised to learn that a study conducted by Cornell University concluded that one in seven adults between the ages of 35 and 65 become disabled as the result of a sickness or a serious injury. That is why it is a good idea for adults to acquire disability insurance. General practitioners can acquire medical malpractice insurance to protect themselves and their practice if they become sick or injured.

Avoiding Financial Calamity

One survey discovered that close to 100 percent of all medical doctors claim that they have disability insurance of one kind or another. Unfortunately around 40 percent of these individuals have policies that are sponsored by groups or associations. This type of policy may not cover every contingency and could result in a physician being underinsured. However, it is possible to find a medical malpractice insurance plan that is specifically tailored to the needs of the individual practitioner.

With the right plan it is possible for doctors to have an insurance policy that will protect them financially should they become disabled. Your insurance agent can help you find a policy that provides the coverage you need.

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