One Size Auto Policies Do Not Fit All

One Size Auto Policies Do Not Fit All

When shopping for auto insurance in CT, you’re concerned about electing the right kind of coverage for your vehicle. You might already know what type of coverages your loan company will require you to maintain. However, it’s wise to go above and beyond bare-bones policies while making sure they can fit into your budget.

What Most Policies Include

For most clients, an auto insurance policy will incorporate comprehensive and collision elements, which address both auto accidents and damage from other incidents such as storms, vandalism, fire, theft and animals. Most auto insurance in CT also offers uninsured motorist coverage, which pays for claims in the event you’re in a collision with a driver without insurance. Other typical add-ons might consist of rental, which pays for a loaner vehicle while yours is being repaired, and roadside assistance.

Other Options

Besides these usual amenities, your agent may also recommend some other items based on your situation. For instance, you might need GAP coverage, which generally handles the difference between the actual value of your vehicle and the amount of the lease contract you still owe should the car be totaled. Many opt for a towing addition, which pays for transporting their vehicles to a repair shop.

Know Your Needs

Finding the right coverage is a partnership between you and your insurance agent. A skilled professional should guide you to the right policy and inclusions based on your needs. Knowing some basics about auto insurance are helpful to know before you start looking.

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