Nurses Malpractice Insurance for Your Health Care Facility

Nurses Malpractice Insurance for Your Health Care Facility

In the medical industry a mistake can cost a patient his or her life, and this pressure takes its toll on nurses. Something as unintentional as administering the wrong dosage of medication while under too much stress could make the entire healthcare facility liable for damages. This is why nurses malpractice insurance should be part of any policy.

Some Numbers to Consider

Even if the facility is small or if the care is home health care, a mistake that should have been avoided could cost the provider millions. It is important to conduct a proper risk assessment of your operation to determine a potential protective cap. Average coverage can be

  • $3 million/occurrence and $6.45 million/aggregate available coverage
  • $1,200 minimum premium for professional liability
  • $300 minimum premium for claims-made general liability
  • $450 minimum premium for occurrence general liability
  • $1,000 minimum deductible
  • $25,000 to $3 million for sexual abuse

These amounts work well for nurses malpractice insurance coverage, as they provide adequate protection from claims.

Specialize Your Coverage

Of course, each healthcare provider’s needs are different, so when seeking out insurance to cover your staff, you should work a with broker that is well-versed in nurses malpractice insurance and risk management. Doing so gives you the opportunity to secure an adequate policy within your budget.

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