Who Needs to Get a Customs Bond?

Who Needs to Get a Customs Bond?

There are individuals and companies that need to get a US customs bond in order to legally do business in the United States. Entities and individuals can get customs bonds from insurers that are licensed by the United States Treasury Department. Here are some examples of who needs to get a customs bond.


Importers of merchandise that are bringing good into the United States for retail sale need to get a US customs bond to do so. The bond will ensure that all fees, taxes and any applicable duties will be paid by the importer. To necessitate needing a bond, the merchandise has to be over $2,500 dollars or a specialized item that has additional federal requirements such as food.


If you want a warehouse you operate to be able to store goods that have been imported or exported, you will need to get a US customs bond for your facility. There will also be an additional application to make with the local port director to make your bonded warehouse establishment official.

International Carrier

Carriers such as trucking companies, sailing vessels, or airlines that transport goods or passengers internationally, need to maintain a customs bond to do so. Domestic carriers that wish to carry imported goods across state lines must also get a customs bond.

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