Why You Need Liability Insurance for Social Media Marketing

Why You Need Liability Insurance for Social Media Marketing

General liability insurance in New Mexico safeguards your business assets against claims of property damage and personal injury. These are big risk categories and they make insurance well worth the cost. There’s more to this insurance, however, and it can protect you in other areas as well.

Marketing Problems

While these issues have been around as long as advertising itself, the rise of social media as a marketing tool has made it easier and faster to make mistakes. Known as “advertising injuries,” this category includes:

  • False advertising: Misrepresenting your company’s services or the products it makes
  • Copyright infringement: Publishing images, text or other content that is copyrighted without permission
  • Misappropriation: Using another person’s comments or picture as an endorsement of your company without their permission
  • Libel or slander: Making defamatory comments about someone or another company

Advertising injury coverage is offered as part of a general liability policy from many providers, although not all of them. This protection includes your legal costs to defend against these charges.

Social Media Mistakes

Depending on how much you use social media, any or all of these mistakes are fairly easy to make fairly often. A simple re-tweet of a customer’s rave review could be misappropriation.

That’s how simple it is to make these mistakes. Because it’s so easy, be sure to discuss coverage for advertising errors through a policy for general liability insurance in New Mexico with an industry professional.

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