Why You Need Insurance Coverage for Your Auto Shop

Why You Need Insurance Coverage for Your Auto Shop

Now more than ever, families are putting off the purchase of a new car and opting to repair their older models and this means business is booming for many garages. While the copious amount of work is beneficial to any business’ bottom line, rushed mechanics are more likely to make costly mistakes. To ensure that your business is financially covered against any incidents that may occur, you should purchase the correct garage business insurance in Virginia to match your company’s needs.


Available Coverage


Most reputable insurers will have policies in place that can protect a garage in nearly any situation. Common policies include protection for the following:


  • Fire
  • Storm damage
  • Equipment theft
  • Intentional damage or destruction to premises or equipment
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Lost income


Many policies will provide coverage for your clients and employees as well. If a client’s auto contents come up missing or an employee’s personal tools disappear, they would be compensated for their loss.


Garage-specific Plans


Auto shops have specific coverage needs that no good insurer will ignore. In addition to general liability for injuries and property damage at your location, most insurance companies will have a garage keeper’s liability plan that is specifically designed to meet the needs of an auto shop. This provides protection for customers’ cars that are being stored on location.


Taking the time to get proper garage business insurance in Virginia to protect your business and your clients’ assets is vital. You will be happy you did if a problem arises.


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