Moving and Car Insurance Checklist

Moving and Car Insurance Checklist

When you move, you need to make sure your car insurance in Orlando, FL moves with you. To eliminate hassles and ensure you have constant coverage for every mile of your journey, stick to an insurance checklist.

Two Months Before You Move

In the two months leading up to moving day, talk with your car insurance provider about your coverage options in your new location. Depending on how far your move will take you, you may need add-ons, limit adjustments or removals on your policy.

If you already have a new job or if you’re going to school in your new location, figure out if your commute is longer or shorter than it is now and be sure you inform your agent of the change. Finally, inform your agent if you’re adding anyone to your policy or if any of your assets have changed.

One Month Before You Move

A month before you move is when you’ll want to talk with your agent about how you’ll be transporting your vehicle. Will you be driving it or shipping it? If you’ll be shipping the vehicle, see if the transportation company offers coverage insurance in Orlando, FL and if your current provider offers extra protection. This is also a good time for you to reach out to the local DMV in your new location to find out about any requirements you need to fulfill.

Do everything you can to prevent having a gap in your coverage. Not having insurance for just a day can result in disaster, which isn’t how you want to start your new life in your new location.

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