Mavon’s Got You Covered

Mavon’s Got You Covered

Are you an experienced insurance agent with a customer who has an unusual insurance need? Are you trying to insure a high risk business or event or a residential housing unit in an area known for natural disasters? Mavon Insurance specializes in writing difficult or unusual policies and may be able to help keep your customers covered.

Mavon has over 100 years of experience in writing policies for extraordinary circumstances. They have dealt with everything from standard insurance policies to liquor liability, builder’s risk, homeowners insurance, habitational insurance, cyber solutions, mobile homes, entertainment and more. With a pool of over 50 insurance carriers to choose from as well as the expertise of their underwriting department, Mavon can put together a custom policy for you.

Their agents are experienced, professional and pleasant to work with. As a company they believe in integrity, respect for the team as well as customers, positive communication, gratitude toward each other, and accepting and celebrating change. Mavon is an innovative company who believes in doing the best they can to help others and ensure they are fully covered.

Whether your clients are concerned about the risk of a hurricane to a residential apartment building or a lawsuit because of something an employee said on the radio, Mavon Insurance can help make sure your customers are covered.

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