Marina Contract Rights and Responsibilities

Marina Contract Rights and Responsibilities

As a boat owner, leasing space for your vessel at a marina entails signing a contract that includes several important rights and responsibilities. Understanding your marina rights will help keep yourself and your property protected. It is also equally important to be aware of the responsibilities you are obligated to fulfill under your contract.

Marina Rights

A standard marina lease agreement will provide the lessor with the right to access the premises and the right to receive notices regarding the business or the property docked there. Knowing what rights are included in a contract is only overshadowed in importance by knowing what rights are not. As an example, many marina lease agreements will carry a clause stating that the lessor may not sublease the docked property or conduct business on it. 

Marina Responsibilities

The primary responsibility you will fulfill under a marina contract is to maintain the requisite insurance, with the possibility of naming the marina as an insured party. Your policy will likely need to cover a stated liability minimum and might be required to include hull insurance. 

Navigating the complexities of a marina contract is a necessity for ensuring the safety of your vessel. To further protect your assets, consult a trusted marine insurance expert that can offer the proper coverage to comply with your established marina rights.

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