Managing Risks of Vehicle Collisions in the Oil Industry

Managing Risks of Vehicle Collisions in the Oil Industry

OSHA recommends oil and gas businesses have a safe driver program that promotes awareness of reducing accidents on the road. This type of program helps to keep the driver and others on the road safe. This reduces your company’s liability and protects your financial and human resources assets. New Mexico oil field insurance steps in when an accident does occur to manage your financial risks.

What’s Included in a Safe Driver Program?

Consider implementing these things within your company to ensure safe drivers:

  • Rewards for safety
  • Disciplinary actions when unsafe driving is reported
  • Motor vehicle record checks for all drivers, even those who have been with the company for a while
  • Driver training to keep skills up-to-date
  • Written policies

Get Information From Your Insurance Company

Work with your insurance provider to reduce accidents on the road by stressing the importance of safe driving with your employees. New Mexico oil field insurance policies might cover your expenses following an accident, but preventing accidents shows you care about your employees and decreases loss. Avoid tragedy by having a culture of safety in your workplace, whether it’s in the field, in the office or on the road. Address the risks of the oil and gas industry with your insurance company to implement best practices for safety and find solutions that give you peace of mind.

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