Malpractice Coverage for Real Estate Professionals

Malpractice Coverage for Real Estate Professionals

As someone in the real estate industry you realize your unique insurance needs. Being in the real estate industry means having specific risks and exposures that need to be covered by the right insurance plan. Learn more about Malpractice Insurance in Austin.

Errors & Omissions

The main focus of professional liability is to cover you in the event of malpractice. Real estate brokers and agents should be protected against errors & omissions. Several things can go wrong when you’re conducting a business transaction. Here are some examples of failed practices that are covered by Malpractice Insurance in Austin:

  • Providing buyers and sellers with inappropriate advice
  • Failing to complete paperwork
  • Failing to make the correct disclosure

It is a common mistake for brokers and agents to leave out facts about transactions and property. If this happens to you, you want to be covered if a claim is brought against you.

Get Covered

If you’re a real estate firm in Austin then you should consider getting yourself professional liability insurance to protect yourself against errors & omissions. This is one of the core insurance needs of those in the world of real estate. Make sure you’re operating your firm with full confidence. Talk to an agent about getting Malpractice Insurance in Austin.

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