Making the Most of Online Insurance Leads

Making the Most of Online Insurance Leads

Many customers turn to the Internet when they look for the best deals on car insurance. You can harness the power of online marketing to reach these customers and make them your own. Smart profiling data helps you find the precise client base you’re looking for. By making the most of online auto insurance leads, you can gain new clients and help your business thrive.


Finding Your Ideal Clients Online


According to a 2013 survey, four out of five American consumers go online to search for vehicle insurance options. Bring them to your website with well crafted auto insurance leads. You can customize your leads with geographic filters or age restrictions, giving you the exact clients you need. Custom leads can also filter for credit standing, time continuously insured, previous claims, years licensed, maximum vehicle age, number of at-fault accidents, and other risk factors. You will get only the responsible clients you want and avoid the expense of high risk cases. Many agencies have enjoyed closing ratios greater than 10% with these powerful online leads.


Reaching Potential Clients Where They Are


Whether new clients are shopping for a more competitive price or insuring a vehicle for the first time, you can reach them at home or at work with an appealing lead. Online auto insurance leads

generate the market you need to take your insurance business to the next level.

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